December 2017: San Fransisco, California December 01 2017


Known mainly for its personality and surrounding areas San Francisco has its own eclectic hippie chic. The Marina district boasts trendy bistros and postcard-perfect views of the Golden Gate Bridge, while Noe Valley offers quaint and quiet boutiques and the sea lions line the pier the locals are all about their food and technology. Many visitors and tourists find themselves running around looking at all the new and different lifestyles that collide within the city. To help guide you around and figure out where you should actually go here are the top ten things to do according to Trip Advisor.


  1. Alcatraz
  2. Golden Gate Bridge
  3. San Francisco Bay
  4. AT&T Park
  5. Golden Gate Park
  6. City Tours
  7. Lands End
  8. Walking Tours
  9. Twin Peaks
  10. Cable Cars


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April 2016 City of the Month Portland, Oregon April 01 2016

Portland is the largest city in Oregon hosting a unique and eccentric group of citizens and visitors. Incorporated in 1851, Portland may seem like a young city compared to many other parts of the country and world, but you can still find plenty of history everywhere you look. Over all Portland is an innovative and expressive community that allows for a wide range of things to do in the city. Visitors eager for an in-depth exploration of all things Portland will find a wealth of guided outings around town. Whether you’re looking to sight see by bike, bus, boat or your own two feet, there’s likely a tour for you. In a city as green as Portland, its only fitting that some of the top attractions are outdoor spots that appeal to home gardens and hikers alike. Home to both a sprawling urban wilderness and the world’s smallest park, Portland offers visitors a breath of fresh air. You don't have to venture far from town to find yourself paddling on a secluded bay, hiking a forested trail or observing native wildlife. Oregon’s great outdoors offers excellent adventures all year-round. Portland, is also home to more breweries than any other city on earth, it has pioneered the craft beer movement since the early 1980's. Plenty of pubs don’t just tolerate youngsters; they welcome them with open arms as well as any four-legged visitors, providing pooch-friendly patios and bowls of water for thirsty pups. In honor of the city Loose Petals is offering $5.00 off any non-sale city print size organic 8 x 10 or larger for the month of April, 2016! Use code 5OFF at check out.





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City of the Day: Los Angeles August 27 2015


Los Angeles is the second largest and most populated city in the US, as well as being the most diverse. As a cultural hub of the United States it is brimming with trade, entertainment, media, fashion and so forth. It is also a world leader in television and music as it is the home of the notorious Hollywood. A popular destination for many people from the US and otherwise, Los Angeles, is seen as the city of dreams

With an amazing combination of beautiful nature scenes and towering tall buildings, the dynamic of LA is an interesting one. With sunny days all year round it is no wonder that many people flee here for an escape. You have beaches abound and endless hiking trails as well as having a plethora of active entertainment venues and delicious dining retreats. With so much to do one might find themselves asking: where do I start?

Lets start with beaches. LA is full of beautifully serene beach fronts perfect for a relaxing day of bliss. If you like to surf or just enjoy watching surfers in general, head to Malibu Surfrider Beach, where the waves are perfect for gliding on your board. Or make your way to the very active Venice Beach, with shops, street vendors and theatrical street performers in full swing, Venice Beach is always a good time. If you’re looking for a laid-back day of taking in some breathtaking sights go to El Matador Beach where you can enjoy the sunset within the many hidden coves.

A day of shopping can be spent at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica or walking down the famed Rodeo Drive. If you want to feel the glitz and glam of stardom check out Hollywood for all your backstage looks at a celebrity lifestyle. And of course what visit to LA is complete without a lunch from the legendary In N Out burger? The food options really are constant though, with five star restaurants such as Melisse, Spago and Providence being just a couple of the hundreds throughout the city.

As one can assume there is plenty to do in Los Angeles. With 42 million people visiting the city per year it is no surprise that LA continues to be a huge attraction for visitors. The city of angels or the city of dreams, whatever one chooses to call it, it is definitely a city chock full of entertainment, beauty and opportunity.


City of the Day: San Francisco August 12 2015

San Francisco California is a city that is remarkably rich in culture; from arts to music to architecture there is always a sight for a wandering eye. Loose Petals creator, Karen Young, is originally from this energetic city of colorful buildings and steep hills. This dynamic metropolis has always beat to the sound of its own drum and was the hub for the counter culture movement of the fifties and sixties. A long time harbor for escapist to flee towards to get away from the dreariness of conventionalism, San Francisco continues to flourish as a city that welcomes all with open arms and promises to be prosperous in experience and growth.

With bands like the Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater and Jefferson Airplane originating in San Francisco there is sure no shortage of evidence of a legendary musical past. Visit the historically significant Haight Ashbury neighborhood to see the streets that were once flooded with counter culture youth jamming out to the likes of Janis Joplin and Jerry Garcia. Or be thrown into an era of elegance and swank with a visit to the acclaimed Great American Music Hall that has housed acts that range from Duke Ellington to Van Morrison.

The neighborhoods of San Francisco keep up with its reputation as a striking mecca of revelry. If you stop in the Deco Ghetto you will be welcomed with the effervescent local flavor and a bundle of inviting cafes, shops and bars. It gets its unusual name from its wide array of art deco furniture stores found there. Store owners wanted to give the neighborhood a name that would attract attention and pull people in to shop around. Or visit North Beach for a taste of Italian flavor and culture. Dominating the dining scene in San Francisco with plenty of authentic Italian restaurants to choose from the North Beach neighborhood is not only loved by locals, but visitors as well.

When one imagines the enriching city of San Francisco so many things can come to mind. The spirited past and the equally bright future make it surely a sanctuary of opportunity and culture abound. So whether you are driving on the Golden Gate bridge with the windows down on a hot summer day or bundled up on a brisk autumn morning heading towards one of the local bakeries, take in your surrounding and appreciate the unique San Francisco scenery.


Helpful Hints: Traveling Tips August 06 2015

Everyone dreams of traveling the world. Whether it be a trek to England or a spiritual journey to Dubai, traveling is something that everyone can benefit from. It helps us grow, experience different cultures, and provides us with memories to last a lifetime. Now that’s not to say that traveling is always easy, it is a learning process and you will constantly find yourself taking note on what to do to improve your experience. Here are some traveling tips to best prepare you for your next adventure:

  • Plan a budget ahead of time

Always keep extra cash stashed away for emergency situations. This provides you with a cushion in possible conflict and is a comforting thing to have on yourself.

  • Study the places you plan to go ahead of time

This way you can find things that interest you and be able to visit them when you reach your destination. This will help you plan your time wisely and be able to take in as much culture as possible while you are at your destination. Also learn some basic of the language of the place you are visiting to be able to at least slightly communicate with locals

  • Wake up early

Don’t waste time sleeping away your days! Wake up early and soak in the culture as you wander around this foreign territory

  • Keep an open mind

Being in a foreign area can be stressful and confusing, but don’t let yourself get caught up the negative aspect and instead embrace this new experience as a one in a lifetime chance to immerse yourself in a different culture. Try new foods, take new roads and keep a positive mindset

  • Take a lot of photos

Document your trip so that you can look back at the photos and have warm memories to flood your mind with sweet nostalgia

  • Meet some locals

Talk to locals of the land- find out places to go from them so that you can live like a local and not be limited to typical tourist traps

  • Prepare for all types of weather

Weather can be unpredictable so pack things that you may not think you necessarily need but that you will be desperate for if you don’t have

  • Immerse yourself in the culture

Avoid eating at chains or visiting places that are familiar to you. Try new things and experience instances that are out of the ordinary for you

  • Make sure your passport is up to date

This is obviously very important. At least six months before you leave make sure everything having to do with your passport is lined up and ready to go. Also make a photocopy of your passport to have a backup in case anything happens to your first one

  • Enjoy every moment!

Traveling is one of the most amazing experiences you can give yourself. Be sure to soak in each moment and create wonderful memories for youself