January 2017 City of the Month New York, New York January 01 2017

Today more than 8 million "New Yorkers" live in the five boroughs of the large island city. The city’s diversity and vibrant intellectual life, makes the vast city our nations cultural capital. Many of the tourist that come and visit the city hit all the must-sees – the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art – very few then explore off the beaten path with visits to The Cloisters or one of the city’s libraries. I encourage anyone to indulge in the bohemian shops of the West Village or the fine dining of the Upper West Side. The bustling marketplace inside of Grand Central Station gives you a literal taste of the best the city has to offer! All of which give an interesting out look on the life of a "New Yorker".In honor of the city Loose Petals is offering $5.00 off any non-sale city organic print size 8 x 10 or larger for the month of January 2017! Use code 5OFF at check out.

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July, 2016 City of the Month Washington D.C. July 01 2016

Washington DC is a hub for American politics and history. Attracting as many school field trips as it does travelers the district offers a peek into the country’s democratic origin. There are plenty of free museums to take advantage of but the real draw here is the memorials and monuments dedicated to great American leaders. Spend some contemplative time at the Reflecting Pool within the National Mall, among the most patriotic places in the country. In celebration of our nations capital Loose Petals is offering $5.00 off any non-sale city organic print size 8 x 10 or larger for the month of July 2016! Use code 5OFF at check out. Here are some interesting facts about this wonderful city! 


  • Washington, DC covers 68 square miles. The city is divided into four quadrants, or sections: Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast. The U.S. Capitol building marks the center of the city and is where the four quadrants meet.
  • The cities Tree is a Scarlet Oak 
  • Washington takes its name from our first president, George Washington. The "Columbia" in "District of Columbia" stands for Christopher Columbus
  • The cities bird is a  Wood Thrush
  • Washington, DC is not a city or state, nor is it part of any other state. It is a unique "federal district," created specifically to be the seat of government.
  • The cities flower is an American Beauty Rose
  • The motto of the city is “Justitia Omnibus,” which is Latin means “Justice for All”
  • The Song of the city is  “Washington,” written by Jimmie Dodd, a former Mouseketeer, in 1951





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City of the Day New York City, USA November 24 2015

Of course one of the best cities to visit during the winter months is the city that never sleeps, even in the coldest winter. New York City gets covered in a thick layer of snow during the wintertime, providing beautiful winter-like landscape and all the urban facilities you can think of. Central Park has numerous romantic hiking trails and also offers horse carriage rides. 

New York City, one of the greatest cities in the world, welcomes you all year round. However during the holidays, The Big Apple knows exactly how to create festive atmosphere and fill up the air with Christmas spirit.


Helpful Hints: Traveling Tips August 06 2015

Everyone dreams of traveling the world. Whether it be a trek to England or a spiritual journey to Dubai, traveling is something that everyone can benefit from. It helps us grow, experience different cultures, and provides us with memories to last a lifetime. Now that’s not to say that traveling is always easy, it is a learning process and you will constantly find yourself taking note on what to do to improve your experience. Here are some traveling tips to best prepare you for your next adventure:

  • Plan a budget ahead of time

Always keep extra cash stashed away for emergency situations. This provides you with a cushion in possible conflict and is a comforting thing to have on yourself.

  • Study the places you plan to go ahead of time

This way you can find things that interest you and be able to visit them when you reach your destination. This will help you plan your time wisely and be able to take in as much culture as possible while you are at your destination. Also learn some basic of the language of the place you are visiting to be able to at least slightly communicate with locals

  • Wake up early

Don’t waste time sleeping away your days! Wake up early and soak in the culture as you wander around this foreign territory

  • Keep an open mind

Being in a foreign area can be stressful and confusing, but don’t let yourself get caught up the negative aspect and instead embrace this new experience as a one in a lifetime chance to immerse yourself in a different culture. Try new foods, take new roads and keep a positive mindset

  • Take a lot of photos

Document your trip so that you can look back at the photos and have warm memories to flood your mind with sweet nostalgia

  • Meet some locals

Talk to locals of the land- find out places to go from them so that you can live like a local and not be limited to typical tourist traps

  • Prepare for all types of weather

Weather can be unpredictable so pack things that you may not think you necessarily need but that you will be desperate for if you don’t have

  • Immerse yourself in the culture

Avoid eating at chains or visiting places that are familiar to you. Try new things and experience instances that are out of the ordinary for you

  • Make sure your passport is up to date

This is obviously very important. At least six months before you leave make sure everything having to do with your passport is lined up and ready to go. Also make a photocopy of your passport to have a backup in case anything happens to your first one

  • Enjoy every moment!

Traveling is one of the most amazing experiences you can give yourself. Be sure to soak in each moment and create wonderful memories for youself


City of the Day: New York City April 10 2015

New York City: along with being the city that never sleeps, it is also the most populated city in the US and a global power city due to its massive impact on media, art, fashion, entertainment, education, technology, research and finance. With 40% of New Yorks population living in the Big Apple its no wonder that the streets are always bustling about. A number of American cultural movements also started in New York such as the Harlem Renaissance, modern dance and the Beat Generation.

Back in the 60s disco music was flowing the streets of New York as the dance music movement was rising in popularity. Years later in the 70s punk rock took over the music scene with bands such as the Ramones, New York Dolls and even KISS emerging from the cities streets. The “new wave” style of rock developed a few years later and became popular at New York rock clubs around the city. Also in the 70s hip hop started gaining popularity from being played at block parties on the streets in the Bronx neighborhood. Classic hip hop artists such as Jay Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Wu Tang Clan, and Busta Rhymes produced multi platinum records at New York recording studios.

New York is also greatly known for its art scene as it is the global center for the  international art market. The Queens neighborhood is quickly growing as one of the main artistic hubs for New York with its ample warehouse spaces perfect for hosting galleries. Not only is the city well known for the many art galleries but it is also popular for its great displays of public art. The underground subway system has been known to host public art projects such as magnificent tile mosaics. The graffiti subculture also was very trendy within the city when it first began to flourish.

The creative energy flowing throughout New York is undeniable. Home to many renowned museums, theaters and acclaimed filmmakers New York is a mecca for inventiveness in the arts. One of the largest and most impactful art museums, The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, is located in Central Park and brings in many guests each day. If you are a fan of theater what better place to visit than New York City?  With 39 large theaters throughout the city that are collectively called “Broadway” there is endless options for viewing pleasure. Or you could enjoy a classic New York movie from the comfort of your couch.  Although not as big as Hollywood New York is extremely well known for its film industry, making it the second largest film mecca in the US.

So as you can tell New York is the home to culture and entertainment abound. One of the most popular cities in the US it definitely lives up to its larger than life reputation. With sparkling  city lights to light up the night and starry eyed dreamers to fill the sidewalks New York is the perfect destination for those seeking excitement, entertainment and cultural experiences.