City of the Day: San Francisco August 12 2015, 0 Comments

San Francisco California is a city that is remarkably rich in culture; from arts to music to architecture there is always a sight for a wandering eye. Loose Petals creator, Karen Young, is originally from this energetic city of colorful buildings and steep hills. This dynamic metropolis has always beat to the sound of its own drum and was the hub for the counter culture movement of the fifties and sixties. A long time harbor for escapist to flee towards to get away from the dreariness of conventionalism, San Francisco continues to flourish as a city that welcomes all with open arms and promises to be prosperous in experience and growth.

With bands like the Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater and Jefferson Airplane originating in San Francisco there is sure no shortage of evidence of a legendary musical past. Visit the historically significant Haight Ashbury neighborhood to see the streets that were once flooded with counter culture youth jamming out to the likes of Janis Joplin and Jerry Garcia. Or be thrown into an era of elegance and swank with a visit to the acclaimed Great American Music Hall that has housed acts that range from Duke Ellington to Van Morrison.

The neighborhoods of San Francisco keep up with its reputation as a striking mecca of revelry. If you stop in the Deco Ghetto you will be welcomed with the effervescent local flavor and a bundle of inviting cafes, shops and bars. It gets its unusual name from its wide array of art deco furniture stores found there. Store owners wanted to give the neighborhood a name that would attract attention and pull people in to shop around. Or visit North Beach for a taste of Italian flavor and culture. Dominating the dining scene in San Francisco with plenty of authentic Italian restaurants to choose from the North Beach neighborhood is not only loved by locals, but visitors as well.

When one imagines the enriching city of San Francisco so many things can come to mind. The spirited past and the equally bright future make it surely a sanctuary of opportunity and culture abound. So whether you are driving on the Golden Gate bridge with the windows down on a hot summer day or bundled up on a brisk autumn morning heading towards one of the local bakeries, take in your surrounding and appreciate the unique San Francisco scenery.