City of the Day: Los Angeles August 27 2015, 0 Comments


Los Angeles is the second largest and most populated city in the US, as well as being the most diverse. As a cultural hub of the United States it is brimming with trade, entertainment, media, fashion and so forth. It is also a world leader in television and music as it is the home of the notorious Hollywood. A popular destination for many people from the US and otherwise, Los Angeles, is seen as the city of dreams

With an amazing combination of beautiful nature scenes and towering tall buildings, the dynamic of LA is an interesting one. With sunny days all year round it is no wonder that many people flee here for an escape. You have beaches abound and endless hiking trails as well as having a plethora of active entertainment venues and delicious dining retreats. With so much to do one might find themselves asking: where do I start?

Lets start with beaches. LA is full of beautifully serene beach fronts perfect for a relaxing day of bliss. If you like to surf or just enjoy watching surfers in general, head to Malibu Surfrider Beach, where the waves are perfect for gliding on your board. Or make your way to the very active Venice Beach, with shops, street vendors and theatrical street performers in full swing, Venice Beach is always a good time. If you’re looking for a laid-back day of taking in some breathtaking sights go to El Matador Beach where you can enjoy the sunset within the many hidden coves.

A day of shopping can be spent at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica or walking down the famed Rodeo Drive. If you want to feel the glitz and glam of stardom check out Hollywood for all your backstage looks at a celebrity lifestyle. And of course what visit to LA is complete without a lunch from the legendary In N Out burger? The food options really are constant though, with five star restaurants such as Melisse, Spago and Providence being just a couple of the hundreds throughout the city.

As one can assume there is plenty to do in Los Angeles. With 42 million people visiting the city per year it is no surprise that LA continues to be a huge attraction for visitors. The city of angels or the city of dreams, whatever one chooses to call it, it is definitely a city chock full of entertainment, beauty and opportunity.