Picking the Perfect Frame March 20 2015

Picking the Perfect Frame

Picking the perfect picture frame to compliment your art may seem like a daunting task. What looks best? Do these colors match? How can I choose the best frame to go along with this piece? So many questions. A few tips will help you to skip the confusion and pick out the best frame for you.

  • Always remember to measure the size of your picture. Don’t forget to include any borders that may be surrounding your art piece as well.
  • Pick out a matting color that you think looks the best with your picture. The matting is the area that surrounds a picture when it is in a frame and it should always be two or three inches larger than the picture itself for basic framing.
  • When picking out a color for the mat there are a few things to keep in mind. Focus on the color scheme in the picture instead of trying to match the room itself. The mat should go well with the art that you are trying to display and that is what you should be focusing on. Look at the elements in the pictures that you want to be most noticeable and pick out a mat that properly executes that. Try to stick to neutral color tones that will not overpower your piece.
  • Next, choose the right size frame. Picking a frame that is too thick for the size of your print may end up overpowering it so always be sure to keep scale in mind.
  • To get the measurements right when purchasing a frame do not forget to include the mat in your order.
  • Another very important factor to keep in mind is to take your time choosing the right style and effect that you want to achieve. Contemporary prints usually go well with sleek style frames while older pieces can handle strong bold frames and shapes. This is the most important factor to consider while choosing how you want to stylize the print and your room.  
Try as many samples as you want to double check color and finishes until you are truly happy with how your piece looks.

Custom Framing Shops Around the US March 05 2015

New York

ROOQ Fine Art and Framing: Found in Manhattan New York ROOQ is a welcoming framing space owned by Jawed Farooqi. Jawed wanted his space to be open and luxurious, so in order to get exactly what he wanted, he built it himself. Not only does he have over 3,000 custom frames to choose from but he also showcases the work of many local artists.

(13 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003)


Miss Q’s Framing & Home Decor: When you step into Miss Q’s the options for your framing needs are endless. Whether you are on a budget or want to splurge and buy a high end frame, your options will sure not be limited. Along with selling vases, mirrors and other decorative accessories Miss Q’s is your one stop shop for all your framing needs.

(1950 N Damen Avenue, Unit 1, Chicago, IL 60647)


Tom Battles Custom Picture Framing: Run by Battles, a graduate with a degree in commercial art, he had started the business as a hobby. Turns out people loved it and it soon became his life. He graciously helps customers find their perfect frames without breaking the bank and as one can tell from reading yelp reviews, he has nothing but positive results.      


(Oak Cliff at 413 N. Tyler St. Dallas, TX 75208)


Allen Custom Frame: At this shop they do everything from design and frame to deliver and installation and the pride themselves on being a full service framing shop. With a rich history beginning from 1912, Allen Custom Frame has had years of experience in perfecting the art of framing.

(4620C Wisconsin Ave. N.W. Washington DC 20016)

San Francisco

Framed & Cornered: With thousands of frames to choose from and hundreds of mat color options Framed & Cornered is a go to shop for providing plenty of framing necessities. If you are in a rush this is a great option since they provide same day service when needed. Their main promise is to protect your art pieces to keep them is top notch quality for year to come, with many happy customers it seems that they are pretty good at keeping their promise.

(695 San Jose Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110)

Los Angeles

Ballards Artwork Framing: Ballards is both a framing shop as well as a gallery that hosts events throughout the year. With a staff of passionate and helpful artist a visit to Ballards is guaranteed to be a satisfying experience. Not only can you go there to get your art beautifully framed, but you can stop and stay a while and take in the magnificent art gracing the walls already.

(1568 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026)


DIY: Gallery Walls and Hanging Wall Art January 23 2015

Gallery walls are a great way to create an interesting focal point for any room and an equally great way for one to express themselves and create an inspiring homey feel. You can have an organized sleek gallery wall or a more casual mix and match vibe. Either way you choose to go if you follow these helpful tips your gallery wall will be sure to be amazing.

  • If you are hanging multiple pieces of art pick one to be the focal point and main center of the collage.

  • The grouping of pictures should be considered one unit.

    • They should all have a similar theme whether it be subject matter or color scheme to build a collected look

    • They should play off of each other and create an organic energy and interesting central point for the room

  • Test arrangements by laying everything out and comparing which combinations look best.

    • To be able to mark the hanging point of your wall, layout the arrangement you want on a piece of wrapping paper like in the picture above. Then trace around each art piece. Now put the wrapping paper up against the wall and mark where the photos should go through the paper onto the wall. This makes it so much easier when it comes time to put the pieces up.

  • To avoid putting too much weight on one side of the collage consider imagining a vertical line going right through the middle of it. That way you can have an even amount on each side of said line and avert having an imbalanced group of photos.

  • A group of art pieces should not be more than 6” apart

  • To help you space your pieces,  place your hand flat with you fingers tight between each photo. This is a good amount of space between the pieces and assures that you measured evenly

  • When hanging horizontally an odd number of pieces is more visually pleasing to the eye than an even number

  • For a more formal display use matching frames, but if you want a casual look don’t be afraid to get creative and mix and match your frame choices.

  • When making a gallery wall you can personalize it to be as eclectic as you desire. You can throw in mirrors, clocks, signs or anything else that you may want to include to attain your perfect look.









How to Hang a Canvas 57" at Center January 05 2015

  • Hang the center of the artwork at 57” above the ground.
  • Hanging 57” at center is standard in galleries and museums and it represents the average human eye height.  
  • “At center” means that the hook will be higher to allow the middle of the art work to be at exactly 57” above the ground.

Steps to Find 57” at Center:

  1. To find the center measure the piece of art and divide by two
  2. Then measure the space from the hook on the back of the canvas to the top of the artwork and subtract from the number you found in step 1
  3. Then add 57” to that number and that is where you should hang your hook on the wall
  4. The hook should hang around 1/3 from the top of the canvas/print
  5. When your done hanging use a level to ensure that your art is hanging evenly


For example if you are hanging a 24x30 canvas

24/2 = 12

The hook is 3 inches from the top of the canvas

12 - 3 = 9 + 57” = 66

Your wall hook should be 66” from the floor.