July, 2016 City of the Month Washington D.C. July 01 2016, 0 Comments

Washington DC is a hub for American politics and history. Attracting as many school field trips as it does travelers the district offers a peek into the country’s democratic origin. There are plenty of free museums to take advantage of but the real draw here is the memorials and monuments dedicated to great American leaders. Spend some contemplative time at the Reflecting Pool within the National Mall, among the most patriotic places in the country. In celebration of our nations capital Loose Petals is offering $5.00 off any non-sale city organic print size 8 x 10 or larger for the month of July 2016! Use code 5OFF at check out. Here are some interesting facts about this wonderful city! 


  • Washington, DC covers 68 square miles. The city is divided into four quadrants, or sections: Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast. The U.S. Capitol building marks the center of the city and is where the four quadrants meet.
  • The cities Tree is a Scarlet Oak 
  • Washington takes its name from our first president, George Washington. The "Columbia" in "District of Columbia" stands for Christopher Columbus
  • The cities bird is a  Wood Thrush
  • Washington, DC is not a city or state, nor is it part of any other state. It is a unique "federal district," created specifically to be the seat of government.
  • The cities flower is an American Beauty Rose
  • The motto of the city is “Justitia Omnibus,” which is Latin means “Justice for All”
  • The Song of the city is  “Washington,” written by Jimmie Dodd, a former Mouseketeer, in 1951