February 2017: Tips for Designing a More Romantic Bedroom February 15 2017, 0 Comments

  1. Replace dirty laundry, stacks of bills, coupons with and all those pictures, candlesticks, decorations, and children's painting that don’t already have a place. Or if you dot have much stuff in your room just by simply straightening up the room you can feel more collected and relaxed.
  1. Draperies or curtains are a great way to add depth and a soft feel to a room. Think of unexpected places to use them like adding a canopy to your bed frame. Soft linen sheets catch the wind and flow can give the space an added romantic appeal
  1. Pick bedding that will give you a relaxed comfortable bed, making it cozy. Color is a great way to give the room the feel you are looking for. Gold or bronze as they are known to create an environment of romance into your bed. Red, black, white, blue and green are also some of the few popular colors that can be used. Also try adding more pillows, yea you might not use them every night but even just making your bed and having a nice clean slate can change the look of a whole room. .
  1. The color scheme you choose for your bedroom is as important as the decorations. You want to choose colors that complement your goals and what you would like to do in the space. "Decorate your home with the colors you and your family love. It doesn't matter what the latest trends are or what the fashion gurus think. What doesmatter is that you love your home and that your choices make sense for you and your family." 
  1. Lastly, Take out the television.Spending time in front of the television keeps the attention off of your lives and onto shadows of life. Before you know it, your time together before bed slips away through the world of media. Just by the simple act of removing the TV, you open up free time to reconnect with your spouse in a special way without distractions.