Top 5 New Years Resolutions for Your Home January 01 2017, 0 Comments

Here are some helpful tips and ideas for your new years resolution plans that aren’t just only for your home, but for your life style as well!
  1. Minimize and De-clutter
Probably the best and most profitable way to feel better about your home is to clear it of clutter. Either that means selling, donating, or throwing out unwanted and unused items. See our previous articles for better advise and more detailed tips. But think of this a purging all the bad and making room for the new and fun things in your life to come! Go room-by-room and think twice about what you bring in.
  1. Save money
Shrink your bills, that is, by reducing your carbon footprint you not only help the environment but your wallet as well. It can be as simple as remembering your mom's advice and switch off the lights when you leave a room. Or turning off your air conditioner when you leave the house and dial your heater down to 55 degrees at night. Try drying some of your clothes on the line and wait for the dishwasher or washing machine to be full before you run them. Also, as much of a pain that it is, but you can turn off your power strips and unplug any unused appliance that don’t need to be running 24/7. You will be surprised at how quickly all these little things add up and end up saving you a TON of cash!
  1. Learn something new (DIY)
Learning even just one new thing is great for your health and to help get those projects done around the house. We recommend starting off simple for the first year, and only tackling 2-4 projects. Be sure you don’t start something new until you have finished the last project. I promise it is much more rewarding to finish something than it is to have a long list of to-do’s.
  1. Be less stressed
Install Low-maintenance materials in your home everywhere you can. At first the cost might be over bearing, but once you realize the time and effort you will save just by spending a few extra bucks you will wonder why you didn’t do this before Fiber-cement siding lasts for 50 years or more. It’s weather-proof, and resists dents, fire, insects, and rot. But something on the easier side is LED bulbs which last a phenomenal 20,000 to 50,000 hours between changes, or about 18 to 46 years when used for 3 hours each day. Although the initial cost is high (about $40 per bulb), LED bulbs pay for themselves in energy savings in about 10 years. Or you can skip the fake hardwood floors and use a classic ceramic tile. It’s incredibly tough, stain-resistant, and impervious to moisture. You can count on ceramic tile’s good looks to last for decades on floors and walls without needing repair or replacement. Plus as an added perk you (usually) get a much better quality product and service from these items.