Tips for Decorating with Personal Souvenirs August 15 2016, 0 Comments

We all do it, we go on this amazing and life changing trip, then we get home and everything we brought back with us sits in a box or a book and we forget about it. Here are something to think about when you are picking up your souvenirs and how to display them for your friends and family back home.
Skip the cheesy figurines and get something you’ll actually use! Cheese magnets and postcards have their time and place, but not on your walls in your living room. While you’re on your trips look for housewares, pillows, blankets, or even clothing. This will automatically make you decorating A LOT easier!
Keep in mind that some of the best souvenirs are free! Vacations are expensive, but there’s no reason to spend a ton of money on souvenirs. Collecting unique rocks, sand dollars, and driftwood at the beach. Or in urban destinations, save matchboxes, maps, and other trinkets that can be pasted into a scrapbook or framed in a shadow box when I return home.
Do something with all the photos you took! The best thing about digital photography is the capacity for unlimited photos. Don’t let those pictures clutter up your hard drive though. As soon as you return home, start sorting through your photos. Pick your favorites and print them out.
Use these unique techniques to display your souvenirs that you have around your home.

Shadow Box - Piece together a shadow box with mementos you scored on your trip. Cut letters of the city out of postcards or photos and added in little touches like sand from the area. Add other small little trinkets that add to the design and feel of your trip

Bottles of Sand - Collect sand from your travels and create a display of them contained in bottles and jars of different shapes and sizes to add a shabby chic touch. Label them with the names of the places you took them from, and you'll have a display that's guaranteed to transport you to a different city. Or grab one big jar for your local store and put the sand in drawing a line at the top of each layer with where the sand is from.

Frame Up Paper Mementos - Take all the paper mementos you collected on your trip — be it photos, tickets, brochures, wrappers, maps, menus, currency, and more — and place them in a frame to create these collages. Play with the idea of using one large frame or using multiple smaller frames to create a large feature gallery wall.

Cubby Organizer - You can always organize your souvenirs in a cute cubby organizer. Try picking up some vintage printers trays to store your knickknack souvenirs in.

Memory Box - Use wooden boxes and stencil in the names of the cities, then paint them in different colors that would display well in your bookcase. This is great if you want to you’re your souvenirs on hand and (somewhat) on display but not having to put a lot of work into the actual display. Not only are these boxes pretty, but they'll also keep your souvenirs organized, which means you'll be able to relive a particular trip's memories with ease when you take out a box to explore its contents.