Photo Gallery Ideas February 10 2016, 0 Comments

What better way to decorate your walls with photos of memories with loved family and friends? Galleries like these really help turn a house into a home. One of the most common ways to display collections of photos and pictures is a home wall photo gallery. Here are some tricks to transform your gallery into a stunning masterpiece that will last for years to come:

  • Find a large quantity of match frames (or paint some frames so that they match), print your photos in black & white, then hang the framed photos in a grid.
  • Print your family photos on canvas for an extra special touch. Canvases don’t even need frames–hang the pictures as is! Perhaps print several pictures on different sizes of canvas and then hang them in a cluster.
  • A unique touch is keeping all of the photos black and white, but the changing the frame styles. Hanging the photos with twine is a nice touch, and the layering gives your gallery an extra oomph.
  • You can format your pictures into a grid before printing. Then you could either print on large photo paper and frame it, or you could print on canvas. Beautiful!
  • This idea is super fun: All you need to do is string some twine across a wall and then hang your favorite pictures using clothespins. I love the vintage feel of this idea.
  • Making a beautiful gallery wall is a perfect idea to spice up a hallway and add color. Using color photos will really help your collage stand out against a black framed background.