17 Ways to Make Your Bed the Comfiest Place on Earth November 24 2015, 0 Comments


Make your bed even harder to get out of in the morning with these little tricks we found:

  1. Hang string lights above your bed to create a magical look.
  2. Dress your bed in a giant sweater with a cable-knit blanket.
  3. Get a real down comforter.
  4. Skip the top sheet and put a nice, washable duvet cover on your comforter.
  5. Throw down an extra fuzzy bedside rug to make things easier for your feet in the morning.
  6. A plushy, faux-fur throw on top of your bed covers will add Hollywood glam to your all-day Netflix sessions.
  7. Tuck your covers in neatly.
  8. Make your bed every day.
  9. Add pillows!
  10. With basic sewing skills, transform a new bath mat or accent rug into a cuddly throw pillow cover.
  11. Invest in a bedside lamp so you don't have to get up to turn off the overhead light.
  12. Save money on a fancy, tufted headboard by creating your own.
  13. Try linen sheets instead of cotton. They aren't cheap, but they get better and softer the more you sleep in them and last you for years.
  14. DIY a cozy canopy by hanging fabric from the ceiling. Option 1 for creating this canopy is to buy wooden dowels for just a few cents at a craft store and attach them to the ceilings with hooks or thumbtacks. Option 2 is to rig up two short curtain rods on either side of the bed. Both options are very affordable and add an elegant look to any bedroom.
  15. Add a foam or feather pillow-top pad to your mattress to make it softer.
  16. If your bed is in a nook or a particularly small room, turn it into a ship-shape hideaway with some curtains.
  17. Find someone furry to share a bed with. Puppies and kittens are the solution to almost any problem.

Source: Rachel Sanders, Buzzfeed.