5 Tips For Creating The Perfectly Curated Home November 24 2015, 0 Comments

Creating a curated home:

  • Listen to your gut - If you see something that makes your heart melt, buy it.
  • Know what you like - Use blogs and magazines as a tool to study what you like and what you don’t like.
  • Have little moments - You don’t have to cram all of the unique accessories on the bookshelf – find unexpected spots for them. These random details in our living room make me smile.
  • Leave your comfort zone - A unique space is created by mixing high and low end items.  If you’re on a low budget but can squeeze in a splurge here and *maybe* there, then do it!
  • Let your home welcome you - Filling your home with pieces that you love will in turn make the space feel complete and unique to you.

Find the full article and photos at: http://clairebrodydesigns.com/creating-a-curated-home/.