Hottest 2015 Home Trends November 23 2015, 0 Comments

Before we bring in the new year, we want to reflect on some of our home decor favorites that have been some of the most prominent throughout this past year, in 2015.

  1. The rich, sophisticated, stylish, and hearty 2015 Color of the Year: PANTONE Marsala
  2. Futuristic, angular shapes
  3. Stacked and interlocked designs
  4. Suspended decorations
  5. Textured surfaces
  6. Contrasting edges
  7. Combination of dark wood and metal
  8. Structures with delicate lines
  9. Dipped painted/hombre
  10. Oxidized metals
  11. Glass lighting
  12. Compressed plastic and wood
  13. Color pops
  14. Painted wood
  15. Imperfect decorations

Author: Melina Divani, Decoholic Interior Design.