City of the Day: Lucerne March 20 2015, 0 Comments

Located in North Central Switzerland Lucerne is a stunning area along the Reuss River. Made up of only seventeen cities and towns, Lucerne's population is only 250,000. The awe-inspiring sites of the city are bountiful as one walks across charming towns with the view of magnificent mountains always ahead. The breathtaking Chapel Bridge, also called the Kapellbrücke and the Water Tower are found at the heart of the city along the Ruess. This site is the most famously recognizable landmark for the city of Lucerne and a popular destination for all the sightseeing extraordinaires. This is the scene that is presented in the Loose Petals poster print of the beautiful city. 

Authentic Swiss cuisine can be found everywhere in Lucerne. Swiss food is also highly influence by the surrounding regions of France, Germany and Italy, making the delicious options endless. Switzerland is especially well known for their mouth watering cheese because making it is part of Swiss heritage. Because of this there are over 100 varieties of cheese produced in Switzerland. These cheeses are made in small dairies led by master cheesemakers, meaning that none of the cheese found in Lucerne is factory produced. As one can tell, cheese is a pretty serious subject matter over in Switzerland and definitely an artful and respected savory cuisine to locals and visitors alike.

People dressed up at the Lucerne Festival 

Among the delectable cheeses of Lucerne are some equally incredible events. One of the most popular being The Lucerne Carnival celebrated every year in the month of February. With arts and entertainment found in abundance the carnival sure seems like quite an extraordinary sight to see. A typical day taking part in the carnival would include seeing people dressed as characters in extravagant masks and costumes celebrating the many musicians or Guggenmusigens (in native Swiss language) participating in the festivities.

Astonishing sites, exquisite cuisine and whimsical events abound, Lucerne paints a picture of a truly alluring haven. To immerse oneself in such a culture would seem like entering a fantasy world, one that I myself, would probably never want to part from. So I suppose as winter quickly approaches here in the US we can all daydream about winter wonderland over in Lucerne and imagine ourselves happily strolling along their quaint brick roads.