City of the Day: Prague March 13 2015, 0 Comments

Prague: a city that many people visit and never want to leave. With its picture perfect views and cultural and historical attractions it’s no wonder that TripAdvisor named it the 5th best destination in 2014. Looked at as one of the cultural centers of Europe, Prague hosts many events and festivals throughout the year such as Prague Writers Festival, Prague Fringe Festival, and the World Roma Festival. Prague, where beer is cheaper than water,  also hosts the Czech Beer Festival which is a 17 day celebration held in May where more than 70 Czech beer brands can be tasted.

Often referred to as the stone dream or the golden city, Prague is home to many architectural gems. With so many different architectural styles side by side there is plenty to see when you visit the city. If you choose to see Romanesque style architecture visit St. Martin Rotunda or St. Cross Rotunda. For Renaissance style take a stroll to The Royal Summer Palace or the Ball Game Hall. For classic cubism style you can visit the beautiful Adria Palace.

While eating in Prague you can taste the German influence in much of the cuisine. The three main foods are vepro, knedlo, and zelo or what we in America call: pork, dumplings and cabbage. Other popular dishes include roast beef, roast chicken and spicy cured meats. Traditional Czech sauces are known to be heavy and creamy often paired with spicy meat or cabbage to create a unique delicious blend. Before, during and after your meal it is not uncommon to be enjoying some of Prague’s esteemed beer. Gambrinus, Pilsner Urquell, Staropramen are just three of the beloved beers of Prague. With the cities love for drink comes many places to drink, with a handful of tank pubs, breweries and bars throughout the city. After a good meal and a few brews one may explore the effervescent nightlife that Prague has to offer. It is often a destination for many Europeans for its fun clubs and lively music scene.  

Prague is friendly to anyone who enters its hemispheres, from hearty food and a good brew to the beautiful sights and endless cultural entertainment options once you visit you will have a hard time leaving.