Decorating Small Spaces April 30 2015, 0 Comments

Living in a cozy space always creates a pure at home feel, but how do you make those spaces feel bigger while still maintaining the intimate feel? When decorating a small room every inch counts so follow these ideas to make your small room feel bigger while maintaining your relaxed homey vibe. Here are 10 tips for you living room: 

Living Room-

  1. A busy pattern for a rug can really shrink a space. To avoid picking out a rug that will swallow your room whole try layering a smaller patterned rug over a big, solid colored statement rug.
  2. Make your furniture multi functional to save space. Use a short dresser as a stand for your tv to go above. This creates a place for you to put away things that may otherwise clutter the room.
  3. Of course, the age old trick of adding mirrors to a room still reigns true. If you are not familiar with this trick already, adding mirrors to a room creates the illusion that the room is larger. Keep this in mind and use reflective furniture, like a transparent coffee table,  to create the same illusion. Glass, metal, and acrylic pieces make a room seem more spacious in the same way that a mirror does.
  4. If you have low ceilings do not emphasize on it. For example if you plan on doing a small gallery wall let the photos go higher than expected to create the appearance of a higher ceiling.
  5. Keep your color palette similar and carry a consistent decorative theme throughout to create a steady cohesive look.  Using neutral tones usually works best for keeping a small room seem open and airy.
  6. Moving your furniture away from the walls gives you more room to layer your furniture. What that means is if you want to put a tall bookcase behind a sofa it will make the room look nice and full and be a beneficial way to make the most out of a small space.
  7. Do not think that just because the room is small that all the furniture you put in it has to be small too. While keeping scale and proportions in mind using furniture varying in sizes gives a visually appealing look and makes the room more logical and functional.
  8. Keep the colors of the room light to make the room feel brighter and larger. Working with white tones stops a room from feeling constrained and creates a brightness throughout.
  9. One of the biggest helping hints is to keep your room organized and get rid of any clutter. By adding well placed storage units you can decrease the amount of clutter that a living room always seems to so quickly build up. For example buy decorative baskets to throw your remotes or wires in.
  10. Take advantage of any possible light that shines in the room. Using light window treatments and decorating the room using pale colors will allow the light to reflect and keep the room looking bigger than it is.