5 Tips for Hanging Vertical and Horizontal Frames Together August 31 2015, 0 Comments

Often times when hanging multiple pictures that are both vertical and horizontal you can end up with awkward positioning and strange gaps left between. But if you choose to follow these rules you will not have to face the confusion of deciding which combinations look best.

  1. Larger pictures should go on top above smaller images. This creates a smooth equal weight look.
  2. Always align horizontally from the top and vertically from the middle. This makes a cross balance that creates an equal look and the aligned rows create a visually calming vibe.
  3. Create an imaginary perimeter where you want your group of photos to be and hang them so the outer edges touch upon the established perimeter. Plan out the matting and framing before you set your perimeter so you can properly lay out the format you plan on using.
  4. For a more eccentric look you can imagine a oval or loose circle as your perimeter. This works well if you are trying to cover a wide space.
  5. Group out the photos on the ground before you hang them to make sure you choose the right format for you.
  6. Our photo is an example of balancing two horizontals by placing the vertical in the center.  Keeping the grouping together in a balance.