9 Tips for Hanging Wall Art Above a Sofa November 13 2015, 0 Comments

There are multiple factors that affect how exactly to hang a piece of artwork above a sofa, such as the size of the sofa or the art itself. The height of the ceiling, the space available and even personal preference also all have an impact on how it looks. Following tips will help you to create the balanced look that you wish to achieve in order to make your interior decoration flow well and be visually stunning

  1. Have twice as much space above the art as below it.
  2. There should be at few inches from top the of the couch to the bottom of the artwork.
  3. Raising artwork to high above a piece of furniture can make the gap too obvious and seem awkward.
  4. Make sure there is a sense of unity between the art and the couch so that it does not look like it is floating alone on the wall.
  5. Pay attention to scale to create an overall cohesive look.
  6. Wall art that is two thirds the length of a couch is most visually pleasing to the eye.
  7. Typically wall art that is anywhere between 50% - 90% the length of the couch looks best. The perfect medium is an even 75%.
  8. Try not to hang artwork that is longer than the length of a couch because this creates an unbalanced look causing an unappealing top heavy appearance.
  9. Whether you are hanging one large piece or several small pieces paying attention to scale is important in achieving the most aesthetically pleasurable look.

Following these basic measurements will create a unified slick look for your room. Be sure to only change any measurement to better compliment your specific room dimensions.