5 Ways to Declutter a Space February 21 2015, 0 Comments

Everyone deals with clutter. It can be a pain of a project to take on but fear not, we have some helpful tips about how to easily declutter and still keep your spaces looking and feeling fresh. Because a clutter free space is a stress free space.

  1. Organize your nightstand by dividing by it into compartments. The bedside table is always prone to clutter; it’s where you put your things before bed and its where you check to find something when you wake up. Same goes to the infamous kitchen “junk drawer” that seems to eat up everything that you put in it while other things you don’t remember owning magically pop up when you’re looking for a pen. This tip is a great solution to this problem. By adding different compartments you can easily organize and put specific items in definitive slots.
  2.  Designate a spot for incoming papers. It always seems that papers are the main culprit of clutter. We always are putting them in different places causing confusion and messiness. By dedicating a tray to all your papers you can keep the overload under control. After a while it will become second nature to put your papers in the tray and you will never have to deal with unnecessary stray papers again.
  3. Visualize the room after you have decluttered it. This way you will have a mental picture of what you want and expect your room to look like after you have tackled the decluttering mission. You may even visualize where to put certain things and come up with an anti cluttering notion all by yourself.
  4.  Go through all your things (medicine cabinet, drawers, closet etc.) and pull everything out. While doing this use a “maybe” box to put things in that you are unsure of what you want to keep or not. That way when you have finally reached the feat of going through all your things you can go through the box and officially pick what stays and what goes. Yes, this is a big project so you may want to schedule your cleaning time so you are not overwhelmed if you attempt to do it all in one go.
  5.  Make it a habit. This may end up being the most important decluttering rule of all. Once you have successfully made you home a clutter free zone do not let yourself fall into the trap again. Teach yourself to pick up the cleaning habits that you acquired so that you never have to deal with the stress of clutter repeatedly.