City of the Day: Chicago February 12 2015, 0 Comments

Not only is Chicago home to Loose Petals but it also has many other interesting attributes as well.There is never a dull moment in this cities streets, whether you are having drinks at a quaint coffee shop or seeing a grand Broadway performance. The options really are endless for entertainment choices in Chicago.

If art is your thing look no further, Chicago’s art scene is ever flourishing with a plethora of galleries throughout. Not to mention it is home to the Chicago Art Institute, which was recently named the best museum in the world by Trip Advisor. To get a taste of the scene one can visit the Chicago Art District found in the Pilsen neighborhood at 18th and Halsted. There are over 30 artist run galleries in this district that all offer gallery walks the second Friday of every month.

The River North neighborhood has made its mark on the Chicago art scene as well with its vast array of stunning galleries. Brave New Art World is well known for hosting an art crawl and open house on the first Thursday of every month. Other galleries include the The Project Room, The Maya Polsky Gallery, The Zolla / Leiberman Gallery and many more. For breathtaking photography take a visit to the Schnieder Gallery or The Rangefinder Gallery.

The eclectic art scene isn't the only niche in Chicago, it is also a popular destination for comedy theater lovers. Second City, one of the most well known and beloved improv clubs around, is based in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. With alums such as Tina Fey and Amy Pohler, one can prepare to have never ending laughs with a visit to the legendary Second City Theater. Some other notable Chicago comedy clubs include: Zanies, The Laugh Factory and The Annoyance Theater all found on the North side of the city.

To get in the Chicago mood throw on some smooth jazz and blues. With its influential impact on the blues movement many a famous musicians started in Chicago such as the talented Muddy Waters band and the cherished guitar legend, Buddy Guy. The indie music scene in Chicago is impressive as well; acts like Califone, Andrew Bird, Wilco, The Smashing Pumpkins and OK GO are just a few eminent bands that started in this musically inclined city.

As stated before, the options are surely endless in the bustling city of Chicago. From art to comedy to coffee those are only a few of the things that this city has to offer, but one cannot truly. To truly experience this city one must take on the task of exploration and find for themselves the abundance of treasures that make up dynamic of Chicago.